R  O  O  T    N  I  N  E

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R   O   O   T      N   I   N   E

R   O   O   T      N   I   N   E

          2014  Scheduled  Shows

- January 11, 9PM Electric Haze w/Lucid

- March 22, 4PM Newburyport Brewing Company, Newburyport, MA

- April 11, 11PM McGann's Irish Pub, Boston, MA

- May 17, 2PM  Relay for Life Event, Natick, MA 

- May 17, 9PM  The Beachcomber, Quincy, MA

- June 26, 5PM Newburyport Brewing Company, Newburyport, MA

- Sep 26, 9PM Minglewood Tavern, Gloucester, MA

- Nov 15, 5PM Mayflower Brewing Company, Plymouth, MA  



Formed in the fall of 2010, Root Nine is a unique blend of indie and jam band rock. With influences spanning a variety of genres – including alternative Rock, Jazz, Latin, and Jam band – the Root Nine sound can’t be easily categorized. Although many songs are driven by intricate guitar harmonies and improvisation, the emphasis is on crafting songs that have a complete sound rather than favoring any one instrument. Root Nine takes tunes to an unexpected plateau where the rhythm and melody fuse. Every member of the band is a songwriter and this collaboration gives the band a unique sound that is truly the result of the entire group. 

Ladies and Gentleman, this is Root Nine. Enjoy the ride...

Root Nine is... Rick Schiffman, Jeff Vetstein, Todd O'Neil, Michael Lee, Matt Barber & Nicole D'Amico


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Nicole D'Amico